Link between Erectile Dysfunction and Divorce

Link between Erectile Dysfunction and Divorce

There are no dedicated and reliable studies showing how many divorces are directly caused by erectile dysfunction. However, research shows that two-thirds of married men have erectile dysfunction symptoms, so it’s important to ask what role erectile dysfunction plays in failed marriages.

Why does Erectile Dysfunction Happen in a Marriage?

Married men can experience erectile dysfunction for a variety of physical, psychological, and lifestyle reasons that may have nothing to do with the marriage. However, erectile dysfunction can also occur for marriage-specific reasons.

Can Impotence Lead To Divorce?

Impotence does not always lead to divorce. There are many steps you can take to prevent an erection problem from becoming a marriage problem. You can find more here.

How can Erectile Dysfunction Lead to Divorce?

Erectile dysfunction can create feelings of shame, guilt, and frustration. These are all completely normal feelings associated with fixable erectile dysfunction. However, when the husband suppresses these feelings and avoids talking about his erection problems, the couple can feel rejected, confused, and left out of the process. Lack of communication can lead to separation, which can lead to divorce.

Erectile Dysfunction and Physical Avoidance

Feelings of shame about not having sex can sometimes lead a husband to avoid any form of sex. It can make your partner feel sexually rejected and frustrated or annoyed by the lack of marital intimacy.

How to Break the Link between Divorce and Erectile Dysfunction?

If you want to avoid divorce due to erectile dysfunction in future relationships after divorce, do follow the advice below.


Talk to your partner about how your erection problems are feeling, your relationship, and your sex life in general.

You can start the conversation by:

  • Choosing a time when you both relax
  • Talking outside the bedroom
  • Assuring your partner that you still love him.

Whether you are going through a divorce due to erectile dysfunction or experiencing erectile dysfunction as a result of the divorce, we are confident that with the right treatment, your erection will be improved. ED Medications like Tadalista Super Active and Vidalista 80 are among the best treatments for erectile dysfunction which are a great way to prevent divorce.

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