Common Misconceptions about Erectile Dysfunction

Common Misconceptions about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic for many men. No man likes to think or admit that they have a sexual problem and therefore seeks a solution from a source other than a healthcare professional. With easy access to information available on the internet, many men choose to find solutions to their problems online. While there are certain facts on the internet, there is also a lot of misinformation.

Here, we take a look at some of the common myths and misconceptions that exist about the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction, and why it’s important to seek professional help for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Bad Relationships Cause Erection Problems

Though poor relationships can lead to ED, the usual cause of erectile dysfunction is physiological rather than psychological, although the brain can certainly have an impact when things don’t go smoothly in life or in personal relationships. Men with erectile dysfunction can make the problem worse by constantly worrying about it.

Old People always have ED

Yes, it’s a more common problem in older men, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with ED if you middle age and older. It may sometimes take extra encouragement to get the results you want if you are old, many seniors enjoy active sex life.

Young Men Never Have Erectile Dysfunction

Although erectile dysfunction is not common in young men, it does happen. You may find on the internet that wearing loose underwear helps prevent erectile dysfunction but wearing loose underwear is unlikely to have a significant impact on your erectile function.

Viagra is The Only Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Oral medications play an important role in the treatment of some cases of erectile dysfunction, but they are not the only reasonable and effective solution. Today, there are a lot of ED medicines on the market like Cenforce 50, Fildena 50, and Suhagra 100, you can take any of these medications in the prescribed dose to temporarily solve your problem of ED.

Men with Erectile Dysfunction Have No Sexual Desire

This is another myth that needs to be cleared up. A man can have sex hormones in his body and still have trouble getting or maintaining an erection due to other underlying problems. In many cases, erectile dysfunction is not directly related to a lack of sex drive.

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