5 Things Women Expect Men to do in Bed More Often

5 Things Women Expect Men to do in Bed More Often

Your sex life could get 10X easier if you knew some juicy insights regarding what your lady love expects from you. It is a great puzzle for many men – What do women want in bed? Some are daring enough to have open conversations with their female partners regarding this. It helps them acknowledge their feelings better. On the other hand, some men try to gain cues during sexual intimacies. It is a trial and error though.

Let’s face the fact that men traditionally take the lead when it is to sexual narratives. However, this doesn’t mean that women cannot have strong opinions in bed. They have desires and are willing to do pleasurable things. So, here’s the take for all men out there to get some secret insights on what women want in bed. We’ve coined out some amazing stuff according to sex experts.

  1. Ask them about their likings & do more of it

Make sure you never witness a lack of communication in your relationship. It might create a balloon of problems in your bedroom too. Sex is a physical experience that is best felt when you feel the soul connection with your partner. Spare time romancing with your partner and learn the direct and indirect ways to know their likes. You never know it could make a transformative difference in your sex drive too.

As a male, you may go ahead and demonstrate efforts to please your female partner just as she shows interest in making love to you. After all, sexual pleasure should be a priority for both.

  1. Don’t worry about your penis size

In most cases, men are way too concerned about their penis size. However, women barely think about size while having sex. What matters is how much effort you both put in turning each other on. Go beyond vaginal intercourse and spend as much time as possible on foreplay. Spend time with oral sex and ensure that she gets an orgasm she doesn’t need to fake anymore.

  1. Embrace sex drive boosters

Sex drive boosters or male enhancer pills like Vilitra, Tadalista, Cenforce, Manforce, Kamagra, Fildena, etc. are easily available online. Besides this, many OTC medications and prescription drugs and supplements are available too. You’ve got so many options to choose from.

Not only do these medications improve your sexual experience but they make couples reach phenomenal intimacy experiences. If you haven’t tried them before then take this as your calling.

  1. Change the place you have sex

Your bedroom should not be the only place you have sex. It could be one thing you’re doing wrong without even realizing it. So, experiment with different sex positions comfortable for both of you in different spots in your home. For instance, window sex, kitchen sex, sofa, terrace, staircase, and the list goes on.

  1. Use Sex Toys

Women love getting multiple orgasms, especially by using sex toys like vibrators. Believe it or not, many women agree that they have more intense orgasms with vibrator stimulation as compared to traditional sex with males. However, nothing can replace the penis. So, don’t get disappointed. Your girl will always need you! But, don’t be afraid in giving her extra pleasure with sex toys.

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