Everything You Need To Know About Erections

Everything You Need To Know About Erections

To say that erections are mysterious is a bit of an understatement. When we were younger, erections seemed to occur at the most random and embarrassing of times! As we got older, an erection became a symbol of masculinity and became deeply connected to our identity. For most men, erections are induced and appear to come naturally at the right time. Our relationship with erections is complicated, to say the least.

Most men rely on an erection to be the primary focus of all sexual expression and pleasure. And while we want erections on the menu, it’s always important to remember that erections aren’t necessary for ejaculation or orgasm. Erections are not mandatory for enjoying sexual pleasure. Many men are surprised to discover this. It seems that when a man gradually develops erectile dysfunction, he will often discover it himself through masturbation. Many patients have been amazed at being able to experience orgasms and ejaculation with a flaccid penis.

Does it feel different? Yes, a little. Muscle contractions are different; they are slightly diminished. Some men find that orgasm is a little less intense, but other men say they experience more orgasm throughout the groin area with a flaccid penis. A flaccid penis is better than no orgasm.

Penetrative sex isn’t possible, but with sex education and a sense of exploration, one can find satisfying sexual activity. Masturbation techniques will definitely change. With a flaccid penis, it is impossible to simply stroke the penis, which is why many men develop different ways to stimulate the penis. We also recommend men use body massage vibrators, which are much more powerful than the usual sex toy vibrators. Men can also take ED medicine like Tadalista or Vilitra to get an erect penis.  Even if you don’t get an erection, there’s no reason to lose the fun.

Yes, erections are still a mystery. But let’s remember that erections are not mandatory. Our goal is to make an erection possible for every man who wants to have an erection and believe me we can do it. But the fact that even if we don’t have an erect penis shouldn’t stop us from engaging in sexual fun.

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