Does your Penis Get Bigger with Erectile Dysfunction Medicines?

Does your Penis Get Bigger with ED Medicines?

This remains a myth that erectile dysfunction medications are meant for increasing penis size. No penis enlargement pills work. Your penis size will remain the same and can extend to the maximum limit it is capable of. Still, men are concerned about growing penis size (even if many women don’t care about the same). This mere thought makes men try penis enlargement pills, creams & devices. We even see advertisements on the web, on TV shows, and radio.

The truth behind Penis Enlargement Solutions

No science exists behind penis enlargement pills or creams. They’re just simple creams with a decent mix of pure and synthetic ingredients. Such creams are crafted for attracting men crazy about increasing penis size. Even if most of us are aware of this truth, men still buy them & fool themselves for money. They’re mostly sold because of the age-old gimmick – male enhancement technique.

This gives rise to a question – why doesn’t the government stop the quacks from making outright lies and false claims. The simple reason is that the supplement industry is booming and blooming because of males who are losing confidence. Even if they know such supplements are false and not effective, they’ll still buy and try them.

Can you see any better trick for men to buy such penis enlargement solutions? Who will not want to have a bigger tool to bang on?!

What do ED Medicines do then?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medicines contain PDE-5 inhibitors as their major active ingredients. They act upon sexual stimulation by dilating blood vessels in the male genitals. Commonly, the active contents include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc which have similar effectiveness. ED medicines boost the cGMP enzyme cycle & prevent its breakdown. Meanwhile, they also calm down stress in the male genitals and release pressure in the lungs. As a result, the entire focus is on sexual activity and men can perform sexual intercourse for up to 5 hours.

Besides this, ED pills can also reduce refractory duration so that it gets a lot easier to gain stronger erections after ejaculating once.

You can see that they don’t give any commitments for increasing penis size. Also, these medications can help you gain fuller erections to the actual length only. Don’t expect anything beyond this.

Why can’t you get Bigger with Impotence Pills?

As seen above, impotence pills can only enhance sexual performance to the limits held by males. They don’t have the potential for curing ED permanently. Additionally, these medicines cannot cause sexual stimulation or treat any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Key Takeaway

Don’t fool yourself by buying any penis enlargement solutions. They’re nothing more than the marketing and money-making techniques of pharmaceutical companies. It is better to stick to a nutritious diet & if necessary, you can use male enhancer pills (Vidalista 20mg, Cenforce 100mg, Fildena 100mg, etc.) on prescription.

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