Do You Have A High Sex Drive? How to Control It?

Do You Have A High Sex Drive How to Control It

This title itself could confuse some men. We all talk about low sex drive so openly but high sex drive is often less talked about. Be it a male or female, they think they would be misunderstood if they confess to a high sex drive.

For low sex drive, a lot of oral remedies like Big Fun, Malegra Gold, Tadalista Professional, Cenforce, Vilitra, etc are available. But, when it comes to high sex drive, do you know something that can normalize it? You may be scratching your heads right now (wink!).

In this blog, we’ll discuss this sensitive sexual health topic for men and also find ways how to deal with the same.

Answer Some Questions to Yourself

If you’re too shy to confess or just getting confused about high sex drive then here are a few questions you can answer for yourself.

  1. How often do you feel like making love?
  2. Do you get sexual fantasies or romantic dreams more often?
  3. Is stress affecting your sexual performance?
  4. How often do you have orgasms? Are they more or less frequent?
  5. Do you feel stressed when not able to get intimate?

In case the answer to the majority of these questions points in favour of sexual intimacy then you may have a high sex drive. However, answering a set of few questions isn’t enough for you to arrive at a decision. You should seek help from a therapist or consult a healthcare provider to discuss this further.

Gaining more knowledge regarding sex drive can make things easier for you. Let’s talk about it.

Sex Drive changes with Age

This is indeed one of the least discussed topics regarding sex drives. It changes with age and is inevitable for men and women to experience distinct sexual experiences at distinct phases of their lives. For instance, it is easy to conclude that younger males can have a high sex drive as compared to elderly males. But this does not mean that adult males cannot enjoy sex as they used to at a young age.

Surprisingly, men can still have potency for sex after reaching their 60s or 70s. Their testosterone production may be low and they may suffer from several health issues. Overall, their desires for sex can decline but not diminish completely. Sex with their loved ones can be the best relaxation therapy during retirement.

The key is to not get too concerned about sex drive and relate it with age. It’ll keep fluctuating because the libido comes in waves. If you have a clear and powerful relationship with sex during all phases of your life then you can say yours is a high tide.

Can you even control your sex drive? How is it possible?

If you’re wondering ‘why do I have a high sex drive’ or ‘is it possible to decrease libido’ then you can find a way to make it happen. In this case, we strongly recommend visiting your medical care provider and explaining how sex is affecting your individual and romantic life. Hereby, your doctor will guide you on whether you need to do something for reducing sex drive or if it is normal to experience such feelings.

Better said than done, if you have a high sex drive then you can try finding ways to control the same. Go on a trial-and-error base and find out what suits you the best. Act accordingly and look for improvements. You’ll surely find the way out!

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