Can Impotence Pills Cause Infertility?

Can Impotence Pills Cause Infertility

Impotence medicines or oral remedies for erectile dysfunction are often assumed to cause infertility. Is it true? Do sex drive boosters cause infertility? Let us learn the truth.

In this blog, we’re sharing a brief introduction to impotence medicines. We’ll also elaborate on whether these medicines can affect fertility in males or not.

What Are Impotence Medicines?

Needless to say, impotence pills or ED drugs are oral tablets used for reversing the symptoms of the underlying sexual disorder. Please note that these medicines can only minimize the signs of ED and cannot treat it completely. Research is still in progress for finding out a permanent solution.

Impotence medicines are meant for boosting the sex drive in males. They promote stronger erections in no time of intake and ensure that men can last for up to 5 hours. Most ED medicines like Cenforce, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Fildena Professional, etc. have fewer potential for side effects. Moreover, they’re regarded as safe for daily use and suit younger and elderly males.

It is strongly recommended to use any male enhancer only after consulting the doctor. As you know, hundreds of options are available when it comes to sexual enhancer drugs and you never know what’s right as per your health conditions. Sometimes, some impotence pills don’t blend well with your body and they don’t make you experience effectiveness. Your doctor will then suggest you switch to another option. It’s something only a medical professional can do.

How Do Male Enhancer Drugs Work?

The working mechanism of ED pills is extremely simple. They work as soon as sexual arousal happens or when men start romancing their partners. Such drugs contain PDE-5 inhibitors (like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, etc) as key ingredients. These active ingredients boost the cGMP enzyme cycle and relax the spongy region surrounding the pelvic floor muscles. They also release pressure from the lungs so that men can focus on sexual activity.

On the other hand, they ensure smooth blood flow towards the penis by unblocking the veins passing blood to the genitals. These drugs also reduce reuptake duration so that men can perform sex after ejaculating once.

Do ED Pills Affect Fertility In Men?

As you can see, the entire working mechanism is natural. If you have only noticed, these medicines have fewer potentials for side effects. The most important thing is – they don’t have the potential for abuse. They’re non-addictive medicines that can be discontinued anytime under medical guidance.

The main function of the PDE-5 inhibitor is to boost blood circulation in the penis and promote stronger erections. As a result, such drugs create better sexual experiences for couples without causing any harm.

Now, coming back to our main topic – ED pills don’t affect fertility in men because it does not interfere with sperm count. These medicines don’t have any impact on the quality & quantity of sperm produced by men. On the contrary, they don’t promise to make men bigger.

The Bottom Line

Feel free to use prescription drugs for treating impotence as they don’t affect fertility in males. They’re safe and reliable oral medicines that boost blood circulation toward the penis for enhancing sexual pleasure among couples.

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