Common Types of Sexual Dysfunctions in Men

Common Types of Sexual Dysfunctions in Men

The suffering from sexual dysfunction is real and it can affect men of any age. However, it is commonly found to bother elderly males. The common sexual dysfunctions include erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation issues, and inhibited sexual desires. They can be treated until some stage and only under certain conditions. In most cases, research is still going on to find an effective cure.

Overall, sexual dysfunctions can only be treated if their underlying cause is known.

Let’s have a brief understanding of these dysfunctions & look up the possibilities of treatments.

What are the common types of sexual dysfunction in males?

It is believed that some physical or psychological reasons could be responsible for causing sexual dysfunction in males. In some cases, most of these sexual dysfunctions can be treated orally with medications like Suhagra Duralong SprayCenforce DKamagra Oral Jelly 100mgManforce 100mg, etc.

  1. Erectile dysfunction i.e. inability to attain desired hardness for penetration
  2. Premature ejaculation i.e. early ejaculation issues
  3. Delayed ejaculation i.e. too slow or no orgasm issues
  4. Low sex drive or poor libido issues

Common Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men

As mentioned above, sexual dysfunction may happen due to several physical and psychological issues. We’re listing them below:

  • Ongoing medications
  • Low testosterone levels
  • High blood pressure problems
  • Blood vessel disorders
  • Stroke or nerve damage due to diabetes
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug abuse
  • Smoking habits
  • Consistently worrying about sexual performances
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Guilty feelings
  • Work-related stress

The Effects of Sexual Dysfunction on Males

It is not easy to live with the truth that you’re no longer holding the potential to satisfy your partner during sex. This starts creating havoc on your mental health. You cannot focus at work and may get relationship problems too. Meanwhile, even if you’ve got the potential to perform well, you might not give your all due to performance anxiety. Thus, you lose self-confidence or self-esteem. That’s a big thing.

How to treat male sexual dysfunctions?

It is important to treat sexual dysfunctions timely otherwise they’ll start ruining your mental peace. Here are the common treatment options suggested by doctors:

  • Hormone therapies: In case your testosterone level is low, you may be suggested hormone replacement therapy via injections, gels, or patches. This could be a costly process for some.
  • Oral Medications: ED or PE medicines are widely in use when it comes to improving sex drive in the easiest possible manner. Your doctor may suggest generic SildenafilTadalafilVardenafil, and similar safe oral pills.
  • Psychological therapy: You may need help from a psychological counselor so that you can address the psychological burden. Once your depression, anxiety, stress, etc. subsides, you may get back to a routine sex drive. If not, you may take medicines.
  • Mechanical aids: This could be the last option if none of the above works. Men with erectile dysfunction may find relief after vacuum devices or penile implants.


Prevention is always better than cure. So, just make sure you’re leading a healthy lifestyle and care enough for your physical and psychological health so that you don’t have to deal with sexual dysfunctions later. However, if it is your fate then you can only find the best treatment option and start incorporating the same. Do it under medical guidance only.

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