Sexual Frustration is Normal – Deal with it!

Sexual Frustration is Normal – Deal with it!

Have you ever felt your sex life is getting dull? Do you crave variety? Is your partner expecting more during bed? Well, you’re not alone. This situation is often termed sexual frustration. Also, sexual frustration is quite common regardless of age.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at the basics of sexual frustration & the ways to deal with it.

What do you mean by sexual frustration?

Ask anyone who has ever undergone sexual frustration & they’ll tell you that the shit is real. However, it is nothing you’ll find in a medical textbook.

According to sexologist Tami Rose,

“Sexual frustration is a human response to the imbalance between expectations and reality while making love to your partner.”

Sexual frustration means different for different people. For some, it is a lack of romanticism between couples while others face depression & anxiety due to poor sex life. At the end of the day, sexual frustration brews recklessness.

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How normal is it to face sexual frustration?

You’re a human and sexual frustration is just a part of life. The feelings and sensations are normal. Sometimes, couples undergo sexual frustration when either of the partners is not performing as expected. In many cases, such frustration brews when one wants to have sex while the other seems less interested. The question can be raised on chemistry too. However, keeping your love life sound can reduce the possibilities of such feelings.

Here are some common reasons for sexual frustration:

  • You’re not ready for sex or not in a mood after a tiring day at work
  • Your partner wants to get intimate & you ejaculated in minutes
  • The lack of trust in your partner keeps you from enjoying intimacy
  • You’re not getting intimate as romantically as before
  • You keep following the same old way for romance but your partner expects something new

Dealing with Sexual Frustration

It isn’t possible to have mind-blowing sexual experiences all the time. But if you’re not having satisfying sexual intimacy most of the time then something is wrong. You need to figure out what gives rise to sexual frustration and try to eliminate the complaint areas. The best way to deal with it is to talk to your partner.

The more complex you look at things, the more complex they get. So, you should look for effective solutions. Moreover, talking to a therapist can do the needful.

Recognize the negativity and the sources that escalate negative feelings in your sex life. If you have tonnes of workplace stress then unburden it as soon as possible. Nothing should enter your bedroom when you’re trying to indulge in romance.


Sexual frustration can happen due to the mind or body too. Many times, the ongoing medicines can also trigger frustration during sex. Hence, you should never ignore it if your sex drive is declining. Talk to your partner and if required, talk to your therapist. Sort things out & live life just as it should be.

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