How Much Sex Should Couples Have?

How Much Sex Should Couples Have?

Okay now, this may seem a weird topic of discussion. You may feel like having sex thrice a day or once a month. It’s up to you and who is going to ask you how often you’re making love? Isn’t it? Well, if you look at this topic from an expert’s point of view then it is a matter of discussion.

No matter how close you are to your partner, sex may be a complicated issue & more like a sensitive subject. Ask men who’re suffering from erectile dysfunction. In case their partner isn’t supportive, they may use Cenforce Professional, Kamagra, Big Fun, etc pills secretly. Also, they fear whenever they want to make love in case they’re not using sex drive boosters for men. So, the secret to a long and happy married life or beautiful intimate life depends a lot on how your sex life is.

Couples making love more frequently have different body language of love. And according to research, couples having sex at least once a week are happier than those who don’t. However, this is different for different couples.

According to Statistics…

As seen above, most experts agree that having sex once a week is a good ratio. But these statistics differ with age for couples. Some studies show that couples aged between 40 and 50 years have sex less frequently than those in their 20s and 30s. The latter can have intimacies twice a week too.

It is always a good idea to have your opinion and not rely on any statistics while getting intimate with your partner. If you and your partner are in the mood, get closer. It’s as simple as this.

In addition, prioritize sexual satisfaction over frequency of sexual intercourse. You’ll end up dissatisfied if you are not able to make it out as expected even after performing more rounds. That’s all in vain, right?!

Should You Plan Sex?

Most of us have grown adults thinking that sex is spontaneous. We have believed that it is fuelled by sudden desires. But, do you know you can plan sex too?

If you have kids or commitments, it is always a good idea to plan sex. During daily hustle-bustle, if you don’t plan sex then you’ll end up with no sex. Over the top, most sex is planned in certain ways. Either of the partners is interested in having sex and they urge sex to their partner.

For instance, if you go on a date and you make all the efforts to make yourself presentable to your partner then you’re triggering their feelings to have sex. If this isn’t a sign of planned sex then what it is?

What If One Wants To Have More Sex Than The Other?

This is often a common issue among most successful couples too. If one of you has low desires for sex then it can be a blow to the ego and self-esteem of a partner. The other partner with more desire for sex may assume the reasons that are causing a low sexual desire for them. This amplifies the feelings of insecurity for the one with low libido. Though men can treat low sex drive with oral remedies like Super Vidalista, Tadalista, Suhagra, etc. It is important to consult the doctor at this point.

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