Erectile Dysfunction can be reversed – How Far it is true?

Erectile Dysfunction can be reversed – How Far it is true

Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has become quite common these days. Some men consult a healthcare provider and get relevant treatments prescribed while others shy away from talking about it. The way you deal with this sexual disorder impacts your physical and mental well-being too. Many times, if a solution isn’t discovered timely, you may keep thinking about it all the time with no way out. Once you seek medical help, your doctor will guide whether you need some lifestyle changes, other remedies, etc.

Fact File

Most men have experienced an episode of erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) at least once in a lifetime. The difficulty in achieving desired hardness means erectile dysfunction. However, you can only call it ED if you were facing erectile failure continuously for a few weeks.

Many reports state that ED has affected nearly 30 Million men in the USA. Among those males with ED, most of them were previously able to gain desired hardness easily. This condition is usually irreversible if not arising from temporary causes.

So, the question is – can ED be reversed? Let us discuss this in detail.

Will you be able to reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

The good news is you can reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Please note the word ‘reverse’. It doesn’t mean ‘cure’. You can only reverse the symptoms but they cannot be treated completely.

Usually, doctors have identified two types of ED in males:

  • Primary ED: This case is rare when a man is unable to gain or keep erections ever in his lifetime.
  • Secondary ED: Here, men used to sustain erections normally but faced erectile failure with time. This case is common & happens to most males.

If your case is secondary then ED can be reversed. Mostly, primary ED can be treated with complex & costly medical procedures only. However, secondary ED can be reversed using oral remedies.

Method of Treatment

The reversal of erectile dysfunction can be done with proper treatments. Here are the three popular categories for treatment:

  1. Short-term treatment

Here, the underlying cause for ED isn’t determined. The treatment can begin directly in this case. This treatment is also relevant for men having poor libido issues. So, oral medicines like Viagra, Cenforce D, Fildena 50, Tadalista Professional, Super Vidalista, etc are prescribed for increasing blood flow toward the penis. They typically provide short-term relief or relief is felt for as long as this medicine is used. Once these medicines are discontinued, erectile failure reappears.

  1. Determining the underlying issue

Firstly, your medical care provider will address the cause of ED. Sometimes the clogged arteries could be responsible for not supplying adequate blood to the penis. Other times, poor cardiovascular health, diabetes, etc may be responsible. Addressing such health disorders can help in improving the symptoms of ED too.

  1. Psychological treatment

Sometimes, you may face ED due to anxiety, work stress, lack of confidence, performance anxiety, etc. In case they’re stemming softer erection issues then getting reliable treatments can help combat ED too.

Two Cents

Other ways for reversing ED include – lifestyle changes, pelvic floor exercises, couples therapy/counseling, herbal remedies, etc. Lastly, if you want immediate improvements then go for medications that’ll boost your sex drive faster than other treatment options.

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