Do Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction Have Any Connection?

Do Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction Have Any Connection?

Your brain will likely become a question cloud when you aren’t attaining desired hardness of erections. Men may start to feel impotent, even if such physical condition is temporary. Very few men are aware that impotence could be temporary and permanent. And you have to figure out if yours is a time-being or would last a lifetime.

We often overlook obesity while looking up to other factors like loss of interest in sex, side effects of medicines, etc. as the possible reasons for erectile dysfunction (ED). In this blog, we’ll see if ED has anything to do with being overweight or it is just a myth.

Obesity & Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s agree to the fact that obesity is often linked with health disorders and not just ED. Overweight males are prone to the following health risks:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Atherosclerosis

Surprisingly, each of the above-mentioned reasons has a different influence on male impotence. But, if men are obese, have any of these health risks & impotence then it’s a critical trio. In other words, the chances of suffering from ED become high. However, effective and affordable impotence pills like Cenforce FM 100 or moderate-power dosages like Tadarise 40 could improve symptoms greatly. But, any of such oral medications should only be used after consulting the doctor if you already have other health problems.

Will reducing weight improve ED conditions?

As you know that obesity could be a major underlying cause of impotence, you may ask if losing weight could help. Well, bouncing back to your ideal weight and staying physically active makes a positive impact on your sex life for sure. You’ll be performing better during sex. But, as mentioned above, if ED is also linked with any critical health issue then weight loss could not be the solution.

However, you should not lose hope and strive to exercise at least thrice a week to remain active. If you have ED at initial levels, you may be prescribed Vidalista 2.5mg tablets. In another case, if your ED has reached severe levels then you may have to use Kamagra Polo 100mg.

As per a study:

  • Around 30% of obese men started experiencing normalized erections after weight loss
  • The men who lost weight around 33 pounds reduced oxidative and inflammatory markers
  • Only 5% of the men from this controlled group experienced restoration of ED

This simply means that losing weight can help you regain energy. But, it does not guarantee that you’ll not feel impotent anymore.


You’ll likely want to dig deep if you’re suffering from impotence. But, talking to your healthcare provider is a better way to tackle impotence, obesity, or any other health disorder. A lot of OTC and prescription medications are available which can be used for minimizing the effects of male impotence. Thus, you can still enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner while on your weight loss journey.

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