Debunking some Common Male Sex Myths

Debunking some Common Male Sex Myths

Myths are part of our lives just like truths. Until you’re well-educated and aware of the facts, they’re easy to believe. This is why they say – knowledge is power! With this said, we’re here to discuss some of the most common myths regarding male sex lives. Also, we’re sharing facts along so that you can be aware of the truth.

5 Common Myths Debunked about sex for Males

  1. Masturbation means you’re not interested in your partner

Fact: Masturbation improves sexual health for males and it is normal for them as a humans

What if we say it is human nature to masturbate? Be it a man or a women, masturbation simply means self-satisfaction & is a healthy form of sexual expression. On the contrary, we’re too possessive as humans and immediately give red flags if we see our partners masturbating. This should not be done and instead, understand that every masturbation has a different story. In case you need help with a sexual therapist then find it.

  1. Making love and watching porn mean the same

Fact: Sex is far beyond what is visible in blue films. They’re working for hours to make a movie and your real life has a distinct scenario.

Porn can be compared to a movie as it has actors who’re working blood and sweat to make you go crazy. They often feature unrealistic stuff like having pets around, getting thirsty/tired, falling off the floor, making love with someone unexpectedly, and so on. Such blue films feature women in perfect shape. In other words, they have female actors you may count on as ideal bedroom partners. The reality is far different. You have fantasies and porn becomes a medium to view that image. Don’t expect your partner to do things your porn actor does else you may get into trouble.

  1. Men think about sex almost all the time during the day

Fact: A report states that men think about sex at least 19 times a day.

If you think your man keeps imagining sexual intimacies all the time then you may be correct. However, they can only think about it once per hour and 19 times within a day. This is not true for all males on the planet earth because some are busy making lives instead of spicing things up.

  1. Sex goes well only if you attain orgasm

Fact: Orgasms don’t mark an end to sexual intimacy but make sex pleasurable.

We would rather call orgasm a sexual encounter. Women often complain that their partner fails to hit G-spot. All these things can be left aside and you can enjoy each other’s company. In case you experience low libido issues then oral pills like Viagra, Malegra, Tadalista, Vidalista 5, Kamagra, etc can be helpful. Seek help from your doctor instead of believing such myths.

  1. You cannot satisfy your partner with a smaller penis size

Fact: Size does not matter as long as you’re smart enough to make moves.

If you can make love to your partner like her dream prince charming then does even size matter? The average length of the penis is 5.1 inches which is enough for penetrating during sex and making her go Ga-Ga. Kick this thought out of your mind right now – I don’t have a larger penis!

Final Thoughts

You are now aware of the facts, right? We are not sure if you had any of the myths or not but you can surely help someone out there with facts. After all, sharing is caring. And if you’re thinking about sex drive booster pills to sizzle up your romance then you go, guy! Make it happen with extra love and effective ED pills like Cenforce Soft, Fildena, Big Fun, etc.

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